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Frequently Asked Questions


We bill for services based on half-day or full-day coverage. Rates vary slightly depending on location, dates covered, and patient volume. Please submit an inquiry for a free coverage quote.

Clinic Training

Our services include up to 1 hour of face-to-face orientation with our doctors in your clinic prior to the scheduled coverage dates. If further training is needed for your specific techniques and procedures, this can be scheduled for $50/hour.


All of our chiropractors are trained in diversified adjusting technique. Each individual doctor may have further training in specific techniques.

All of our chiropractors are qualified to treat personal injury and workers' compensation patients based on state law. Some of them are also in network with various insurance panels. Most insurance company policies include a provision allowing for part-time coverage in your clinic. Please check with your panel to verify your ability to bill under your NPI when staffed by a locum tenens practitioner.